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Top 10 Must Have Deceased Baseball Autographs For Your Collection

This is to add to our Top 10 current baseball autographs to collect in 2014 blog post we did a few weeks back.  Let’s do a Top 10 deceased player autographs you must have in your collection.  This list was

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Ever Wonder How an Autograph Signing Event Gets Set Up?

You are going to an autograph show to get an autograph of your favorite athlete, let’s say Kansas Jayhawk star Thomas Robinson.  You have your basketball in hand as you walk through the line, thinking about what you are going

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Top 5 Reasons to Watch This Year’s Super Bowl – Not Including Richard Sherman

We have all heard of Richard Sherman by now after his famous post game interview with Erin Andrews.  For the non novice football fan, he is a reason to watch the Super Bowl.   What might he do?  What will he

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10 Reason to Try Crossfit Today

By now we have all heard of Crossfit, but many have not tried it out for whatever reason.  Here are 10 reasons you should try Crossfit today. 1.) Results  – Crossfit produces fitness results, there is no doubt about it. 

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Which Sports Autographs Have the Most BANG for Their Buck? Which Have the Least?

So you are just starting to get into collecting autographs.  Which autographs can you get for the best price for the best athletes?  In other words, which autographs have the best value?  We have created our Top 5 and bottom

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Johnny Manziel Signing Autographs and What is the Solution?

By now we have all heard the allegations against Johnny Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M.  He is alleged to have taken money from autograph dealers in exchange for his autograph on memorabilia.  Not just 1 autograph

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