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Tim Tebow – A Good Investment for Baseball Autographs?

Tim Tebow is one of my favorite athletes of all time.  A winner, great teammate, and an excellent memorabilia seller.  Recently, Tim joined the New York Mets minor league organization to try and make it in baseball.  Of course, fans

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Top 10 2016 Sports Autographs Holiday Gift Ideas

LeBron James Signed Cavs Jersey

Like we say every year, it’s almost that time, the Holidays.  Every time it seems like some of us agonize over what to get that sports autograph collector in our family.  Let me help you out.  Here are my Top

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Better to Win NBA Title for Memorabilia Companies – Cavs or Warriors?

Every so often I get asked, who do you want to win game “X?”  My answer is generally always the same, which ever team is best for business.  I grew up a Warriors fan living in the Bay Area, so

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Top 5 Baseball Autographs That Are Expensive – But Shouldn’t Be

We all get frustrated by the increase pricing of autographs.  That ONE autograph we need is now out of our budget!  Since baseball season is almost upon is it got me thinking.  What are the 5 baseball autographs of current

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Should You Purchase a Replica or Authentic Signed Baseball Jersey?

Often I get asked what the difference is between a replica and authentic Majestic baseball jersey.  “Which one should I buy,” the customer asks.  While yes, there are differences between the two, my answer is always, “Not much, except the

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Top 10 Autographed College Basketball Jerseys You Must Own

With college basketball in full swing, we thought we would post our list of the Top 10 college basketball autographed jerseys you must own.  Ranking done by affordability, quality of college and NBA play, popularity of the university played for

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Powers Autographs Official Autograph Buying Guide – Sports and Celebrity Memorabilia

powers autographs,signed,authentic,autograph,buying,guide,authenticity

Powers Autographs Authenticity Buying Guide Collecting famous autographs, such as autographed baseballs, presidential autographs and signed music memorabilia is a great hobby, but unfortunately, some dishonest sellers are advertising forged or unauthentic autographs. By following these simple steps, you can

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VIDEO: What is MLB Authentication?

Quick update to a blog post last month on MLB authentication.  Here is a video explaining what it is.

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Which Sports Autographs Have the Most BANG for Their Buck? Which Have the Least?

So you are just starting to get into collecting autographs.  Which autographs can you get for the best price for the best athletes?  In other words, which autographs have the best value?  We have created our Top 5 and bottom

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Johnny Manziel Signing Autographs and What is the Solution?

By now we have all heard the allegations against Johnny Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M.  He is alleged to have taken money from autograph dealers in exchange for his autograph on memorabilia.  Not just 1 autograph

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