What is the Best Authentication (COA) for a Sports Autograph?

Often I get asked, “What is the best authentication (COA) for an autograph to come with?”  That depends on the athlete and sport.  For example, a Derek Jeter autograph you would want Steiner Sports COA, a Michael Jordan autographed an Upper Deck COA, etc.  I have always been a big fan of having online databases where you can verify an autograph, such as MLB’s or TRISTAR’s.  Keep in mind, some companies do few signings in a particular sport, for example UDA does very few baseball signings, so that affects the list as well.  PSA/DNA ITP I personally think is preferred by more collectors that a JSA witness, so they will rank ahead of them.  However, both are equally great.  Each PSA/DNA ITP and JSA witness COA means the autograph was witnessed by a representative from PSA or JSA.  So here are Top 5 preferred COAs by sport.  Just going to rank the Top 3 most popular, baseball, basketball, and football.


1.)    MLB Authentication

2.)    Steiner Sports

3.)    PSA/DNA ITP

4.)    JSA Witness

5.)    TRISTAR

MLB authentication is most preferred for any baseball autograph, especially game used items.  These autographs are witnessed by a representative from MLB and each unique hologram # is verified on their website, stating the item and date it was signed.  Steiner does so many baseball signings they are a great one also.


1.)    UDA

2.)    Steiner Sports

3.)    PANINI

4.)    PSA/DNA ITP

5.)    JSA Witness

UDA represents LeBron and Jordan, so those COAs are very popular.  Steiner does a good amount of signings with basketball stars like Carmelo Anthony.  PANINI represents Durant and Kobe.


  1. Steiner Sports
  2. Mounted Memories
  4. JSA Witness

Steiner represents Eli and Peyton Manning and does a ton of signings with NY Giants and other football legends.  Mounted Memories also does a ton of football related signings. PSA and JSA are high on this list simply because they are present to witness a great deal of football signings at the public shows, so their COA comes on a ton of football items.  TRISTAR is on this list because of the signings they do but also because they represent Tom Brady.

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