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How To Buy The Perfect Gift


4 Tips to Buying the Perfect Sports Memorabilia Gift


#1 – When buying an autographed item make sure it is an authentic signature!  How do you do that you ask?  Check out our AUTOGRAPH BUYING GUIDE.


#2 – Get to know the person you are buying the gift for.  What are their favorite teams and players?  Where did they go to college?  Any favorite sports or games they attended.


#3 – Get an item from a specific game/event or accomplishment.  For example, let’s say you found out they are a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan.  How cool would it be to have a 2008 National Championship photo signed by Mario Chalmers who hit the game winning shot?  Not only does that person have a great memory of that game, but a great item to remember it by.   Or say they are a Nolan Ryan fan.  By doing a bit of research you can find out that Nolan was in one of the most famous baseball rights with Robin Ventura.  How cool would it be to have a photo of that fight signed by Ryan?  Yep, and we have that!  In fact, we have it signed by both players.


#4 – Have your item properly displayed.  If buying an autographed baseball, get a display case to go along with it.  If buying a photo or jersey that is unframed, have it framed if within your budget.  Always nice to give a completed gift ready to hang.